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Redesign of Šentjernej Tourist Board sign together with brand identity elements and brand book.

The sign represents several elements related to Šentjernej, which together form a complementary conglomerate. Main element of the sign – a singing rooster – is also the most recognized symbol of Šentjernej. Lower part of the rooster’s body encompasses a stylized image of grapes, which represent winegrowing in Šentjernej valley. The association with Cviček is also the red colour of the sign. By rotating the rooster the top line imitates the form of firkelj – a wine jug – representing pottery craft in Šentjernej. The central semicircular line of the sign (between the rooster’s head and grapes) imitates the form of horseshoe, standing for horse breeding, one of the oldest traditions in Šentjernej.

Year: 2014